Though not every resident of Canterbury is aware of the fact, a cleaned carpet can offer numerous benefits for any facility, irrespective of it being a residential or commercial property. Not only do they enhance the visual appeal of your rooms but also save energy by insulating the indoor environment. If you are planning to clean it, start with an inspection from the professional. They will help you to determine the ideal method according to the quality of your product and the amount of damage it has suffered. They even identify the potential issues and adopt the ideal vacuum method.

Carpet Cleaning Canterbury

Though there is a wide variety of carpet cleaning methods, the dry method is generally used by professionals in Canterbury. It is known as ‘dry’ method as the product can be brought back to use exactly after it has been cleaned. In short, it is simply a waterless cleaning method just like dry-cleaning your clothes.

5 Methods Of Dry Carpet Cleaning In Canterbury

    • Absorbent Powder

In this method, an absorbent medium like powder or sponge is saturated with solvent and detergent for cleaning the product. This medium is used to control or absorb the loosened soil before being removed using vacuuming. This method is widely preferred as it includes less streaking and this helps in using the product immediately after being serviced.

    • Dry Foam

This procedure is quite similar to the shampoo method and is considered to be a ‘dry’ cleaning method as the amount of liquid used is quite low. A shampoo liquid is filled in some special equipment which generates foam and this is applied to the carpet. The soiled foam solution is later extracted from the product using a vacuum recovery system.

    • Bonnet Pad

The front of the product is sprayed with a premium quality cleaning solution before being smoothened using bonnets (absorbent pads) attached to a manual floor machine. The pad absorbs the soil and dust from your product and has to be rinsed or changed after it stops absorbing. You can even try a DIY as the method requires minimal operational skills.

    • Rotary Shampoo

This is one the oldest method of carpet cleaning in Canterbury adopted by professionals. A shower feed brush and a rotary floor machine filled with a solution are all that is required. They take extra care while scrubbing your carpet as continuous scrubbing can make it distorted. If you are willing to stay away from any patch appearance, groom it before drying.

    • Encapsulation

This is a recently adopted dry cleaning method through which a crystallising agent and cleaning agent is used to clean your product through a chemistry procedure. The products used for encapsulation is generally formulated with a polymer and detergent. Professionals make sure to use only healthy and safer encapsulation products manufactured from detergent free agents.

Since you are already aware of the various dry carpet cleaning methods, it’s time you start looking for a reliable company offering those.


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