Accidents due to tripping, slipping, and falling is quite common in Canterbury as well as in other parts of the world. Accidents like these happen in every walking surface, irrespective of you walking into the front lobby or the staircase. Unless the walking surface is clean, safe, and dry, accidents are prone to happen!

Slips are generally caused due to spills, oily or wet surfaces, misplaced mats, loose rugs, and surfaces having different tractions, among others. While poor lighting, clutter, obstructed view, open bottom drawers, wrinkled carpeting, thresholds, and uncovered tables can make people trip over them. Slipping or tripping is not only embarrassing for you but also for your guests. The best you can do is approach a professional company offering effective cleaning services in Canterbury.

Few Reasons Why Approaching Professional Cleaners In Canterbury Can Help You To Avoid Accidents

• Offer Regular Cleaning

The regular cleaning services offered by them helps in keeping the floor clean and free of debris. The floor is swept and mopped regularly to maintain their condition. Availing this service is a must during seasonal weather conditions like extensive snow or rain as it gives you the assurance that the floor is dry, clean, and safe. The accumulated clutter on the floors is also removed.

• Use Right Equipment

Though you can try a DIY to keep your floor clean and prevent accidents, you might not have the right equipment or cleaning products. The professional companies have equipment that has been specially designed to thoroughly clean the floor and even dry them within the shortest span of time. The material of the mob head is capable of absorbing liquid quickly and this enhances safety.

• Use Signage

When you are cleaning a room, you move on to clean the next room leaving the former one wet. There are chances that someone entering the room might slip over and fall because they are not aware of the room is wet. Professional companies use appropriate signage to ensure that the wet area is clearly marked. Pedestrians are warned about the floor being wet.

• Spills Cleaned Quickly

Cleaners in Canterbury know that a spill should be cleaned immediately after it is noticed to prevent further accidents. It is not only about slipping but one can also accidentally sit on the spill and ruin their clothes. A cleaner should be specially hired to clean any expected mess during two cleaning sessions.

• Anchor Floor Mats

Superior floor matting is a must all over Canterbury during the winter months. With family members and guests dragging snow into your house, mats are required to soak that moisture and prevent people from slipping. Cleaning companies ensure that your matting is in place by anchoring them to the floor.

Since approaching a professional cleaner can help you to stay away from accidents due to slipping and tripping, it’s high time you start looking for someone experienced and make the most out of their cleaning services!


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